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Beam, Cyclovac, MD Manufacturing, and VacuFlo!  

Quality products, Expert installation, Superior service. We pride ourselves in quality. 

We bring decades of experience and expertise to every job. We know what works and what doesn't. We know what brands and units will stand the test of time. From single family homes, to multi-family complexes and even business and commercial applications there is a product that fits your needs.  Let us help you design a system for you.



We service most major brands and with our inventory of most major components on hand we can repair your system quickly. Usually in one visit.


We sell and install only quality units and systems. We can install in all new build applications and in the majority of pre-existing structures. Let us see what we can do fo you.



the reasons to have a central vacuum system.

1) Versatility:  Many people think a central vacuum is just for carpets. 

The truth is they are usable on every type of flooring, carpet, rugs, hardwood, tile or stained. 

Our customers also know how easy cleaning the stairs can be, cleaning the baseboards, crown moldings as well as the garage and cars.


2) Convenience:  The central vacuum is equipped with the tools needed to clean all areas without having multiple items like a portable vacuum, dusters and brooms.


3) More Suction: More suction means better cleaning. The suction from a central vacuum is 3-5 time greater meaning it will get the dirt from the corners or under the furniture that many portable can't get. 


4) Choices:  Some customers want short hoses, others want retractable hoses, Vac Pans are great for quick cleanups without getting a hose out, a WallyFlex is ideal for cleaning up the laundry room as well as getting the lint from the dryer screen, the mini power head is a small carpet head that is convenient or carpeted stairs or fabric .   


5) Noise: or shall I say the lack of it. The central vacuum main unit is usually located in the garage so you don't heard the noise inside the home. The units we sell are so quiet you won't be startled by them even if you are in the garage when they are in use.


6) Allergy Relief:  Yes it is true. A study conducted by the University of California at Davis in 2000 found that with the regular use of a central vacuum airborne allergen suffers have found relief from 44% to 61%. That is quiet a substantial improvement of air quality in your home. 


7) Longevity: A central vacuum system will be the last vacuum you will ever have to buy. Central vacuums units will usually operate for 10 years without any servicing. (Based on surveys with out customers over 15 years of being in business.) Units can have 10 years of warranty or more while most hose kits have 3 years warranty.  Units can be rebuilt and hose kits are repairable. 


8) Value: It is cheaper to buy a central vacuum than portable vacuums but then they don't last long. However when you consider that a central vacuum is the last vacuum you will buy it is a good investment. It will add value to your home like other amenities. 


9) Cleaner: All portable vacuums recirculate the air back into the the room, often without proper filtration. A central vacuum will remove 100% of the dirt, dust and pet dander from your home. 


10) Odors: Pet hair smells. When you remove all the pet hair, which customers say can't be done with any portable vacuum, you have a cleaner smelling home. 

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Beam by Electrolux, MD Manufacturing, Cyclovac, Vacuflo, Hide-A-Hose 



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